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::flutters in::

I realize that this community is completely not active, but it had glitter, faeries, and openminds, so I couldn't help myself...and decided to post just for the hell of it.
So, hello to all the people who probably won't read this, and greetings to those who might find this by complete accident.
My friends have this theory that I'm not really "real"...as in that I'm not human. I guess they believe that I'm too off-centered and glitter-obsessive to be a true human. So they say I'm a changeling. The whole idea where a faery wants a human child and takes the human child, replacing him/her with their own baby. So I'm the replacement of a human. Isn't that sad? My faery parents wanted a human more than they wanted me. So now I'm stuck on this world, confused by why people are the way they are.
But...oh well, I think I've said enough ::blows bubbles and frolics away::
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